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Premier Building Materials & Services in Dorset & Hants

NMSB - Your Local Construction Partner – Nestled in the heart of Dorset & Hants, NMSB stands as a testament to quality and service in the building materials industry. With a history dating back to 1936, NMSB has evolved into one of the South's leading suppliers, offering an extensive range of products and services that cater to both large-scale construction projects and personal landscaping needs. Their commitment to providing a one-stop-shop experience for trade and public customers alike has made them a cornerstone in the community.

Extensive Range, Exceptional Service – NMSB's family-run ethos shines through their dedication to investing in their teams, technology, and customers. They boast an extensive product range, including aggregates, concrete, skips, and construction materials, ensuring that whether you're improving a garden or embarking on a large infrastructure build, NMSB has you covered. Their approach to value for money is simple: deliver quality, efficiency, and timeliness without compromise.

Sustainability and Community Focus – NMSB is not just about providing materials; they are deeply committed to environmental responsibility and community engagement. Their sustainable practices and community work, including partnerships and sponsorships, reflect a company that listens, innovates, and continuously moves forward. This progressive mindset not only contributes to their longevity but also cements their reputation as a reliable and responsible local provider.



Caird Avenue
BH25 5PX New Milton
Phone: 01425 611660