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Based in the New Forest for 130 years, for all those generations, we have been caring for our client’s families and friends, providing quality legal services.
We are proud of our history, can we help you plan for yours?
Conveyancing: Buying and Selling property be that your home/2nd home or business.
Wills: Detailing the specifics of how you leave your assets when you pass. This is especially important if you are in a Marriage that is not your first, in a Civil Partnership, or are not Married. The Rules of Intestacy (which apply when you have no will) may not allow your assets to be left as you would wish them to be.
Tax Planning: Death and Taxes are sadly inevitable! But you may be able to reduce the Tax payable. Tax evasion is illegal, but mitigation is not.
Probate: The legal process after death necessary to enable the distribution of your assets as specified in the Will.
Powers of Attorney: The appointment of someone to manage your affairs if you lose the capacity to do so.
HR consultancy: Helping ensure that your business is legally compliant. Having the correct paperwork and systems can reduce problems in the long term. We can also help advise when problems arise and how to deal with them.
We are friendly and supportive to our clients in what can be difficult and stressful times. We are qualified ‘real people’ not algorithms and understand that one size does not fit all. Our solutions are tailor-made to your needs.



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